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Lee Christian- Vocals and songwriter

Smilex was created in 1996 by Lee Christian. "Frontman Lee Christian is the notorious – even controversial – self-destructive force behind Smilex" BBC Oxford. As well as being the singer in Smilex over the years Lee has been heavily involved with the music scene in Oxfordshire and beyond hosting radio shows, managing/mentoring/recording bands and organising gigs.

Other Bands: boywithatoy, Chateaux 69, The Prohibiton Smokers' Club and his own solo project. 

Influences: Prince, Living Colour, Stone Temple Pilots.


Tom Sharp - Guitar, backing vocals and songwriter

Tom joined Smilex in 2002, Lee pinched him from a band called Captain Howdy. Tom never intended to stay in Smilex as a permanent fixture, 13 years later he is still cranking his guitar very loudly for Smilex.

Other Bands: Wingnut, Tamara & The Martyrs, Huck, The Delta Frequency and The Richard Walters Band.

Influences: Guns 'N' Roses, Kiss, Jet Plane Landing.


Pat Holmberg- Drums

Pat has been a full member of Smilex since 2004, replacing previous drummer Russ who replaced Pat in 2002 Complicated?! Pat is probably one of the loudest drummers you will ever hear. Lee was so convinced on meeting Pat that he was the right person to join Smilex he asked him to join without ever hearing him play. Luckily turns out he was rather good. 

Other Bands: Wingnut, Black Nielson and The Rock of Travolta.

Influences: Therapy?, Foo Fighters, Fugazi.

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Olivia Luce - Bass Guitar

Olivia joined Smilex in 2010 replacing long term bassist Jen. Olivia has has brought some fantastic  dirty grunge vibes to Smilex. 

Other Bands: Caliber, All You Miss, MissUse and The Charm Assault.

Influences: Deftones, A Perfect Circle, Rage Against The Machine.