Jen Acton- Bass Guitar 2002-2010


Once described by Drowned In Sound as a Charlotte Hartherly lookalike! Jen first started playing bass in local band Dolly with JuJu from Little Fish. Jen joined Smilex by answering an advert and joined for 1 month playing Truck Festival with the band, she then left Smilex to live in Canterbury. However Lee refused to let her leave and she soon returned to become a founding member of Smilex bringing influences such as PJ Harvey, Iggy Pop and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers into the mix. Jen left Smilex in 2010 to pursue her career in New York. 

Russ Wainright- Drums 2002-2004


Russ joined Smilex after seeing the band at their first ever gig and was persuaded to join by Lee, Russ was probably too nice to say no! Russ brought all the credible influences to Smilex and probably was not a fan of Guns 'N' Roses! Since leaving Smilex Russ has played in Oxford bands Hreda, OCD Drumline & Listing Ships.

Nick Breakspear- Guitar


In the early days of Smilex Nick helped out many times on guitar, playing the first ever Smilex gig and also in the Smilex acoustic line up until the final electric Smilex band was fully formed. You can catch Nick now in his band Black Hats. 

Stuart Hart- Guitar


Stu played rhythm guitar for Smilex right from day 1, playing every venue in Oxford acoustically on the hunt for extra Smilex members. Once they were found Stu jumped ship and Smilex became a four piece.