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1. 9hz

2. Deadman's Dirge

3. Wasted Youth

4. Revive The Revival

5. What Is It You Actually Do Again?!

6. La Valse Macabre

7. Evil

8. Manatee

9.Please Do Not Feed The Drug Child

10. One Woman Man

Released 25 November 2013


'Live At Riverside Festival 2009'

Download only album from Bandcamp-Quickfix Recordings

1.One Woman Man Intro (Live Riverside Festival 2009)

2. Syllabus (Live Riverside Festival 2009) 

3. Please Do Not Feed The Drug Child (Live Riverside Festival 2009) 

4.Sex 4 Sale (Live Riverside Festival 2009) 

5.Wasted Youth (Live Riverside Festival 2009) 

6. Dead Man's Dirge (Live Riverside Festival 2009) 

7. X (Live Riverside Festival 2009) 

8. Xplode! (Live Riverside Festival 2009)

9. One  Woman Man (Live Riverside Festival 2009)

Released 12th July 2010



Download only Single- Quickfix Recordings

1. X 

Produced & mixed by Ace (Skunk Anansie) 

Released 22nd February 2010


'Look Out There's A Black Man Coming' with Mr Shaodow 

Download only Single-Quickfix Recordings

1. Look Out There's A Black Man Coming (Rock Mix) - Featuring Smilex 

2. Look Out There's A Black Man Coming 

Released 4th June 2009

Punktastic Presents... Un-scene 4 (30 Seconds to Impact)

Compilation CD album-Banquet Records

1. Smilex - Small Packages

Released 31st March 2008


'Dead Horses'

Download only Single only with MC Lars - Quickfix Recordings

1. Dead Horses 

Released  12th November 2007 



CD Album & Download-Quickfix Recordings

1. Xplode! 

2.Sex 4 Sale

3. ... For What It's Worth

4. Syllabus

5. Ape Pig Man

6. Gett Off The Game

7. God Given Right

Produced & mixed by Ace (Skunk Anansie) 

Released 12th November 2007

'Flimsy Fickle Fashion (Fuck Off & Die)' 

Download only Single- Quickfix Recordings

1. Flimsy Fickle Fashion (Fuck off & Die)

Produced & Mixed by Ace from Skunk Anansie

Released 5th February 2007


'Wet & Wild'

CD Single-Akuaba Records, Download-Quickfix Recordings

1. Wet & Wild

2. Baby's Got Bored

3. Still Hanging Around

Released 24th March 2006

'Smilex Vs Oxford'

Remix CD Album and Bandcamp download-Quickfix Recordings 

1. Quickfix Vs boywithatoy

2. Sex 4 Sale Vs The Evenings 

3. Kidz Klub 666 Vs The Gentleman Distortionist

4. She Won't Get Out Of Bed Vs The Young Knives

5. Spike My Drink Vs The Monroe Transfer

6. Pennies From A Pigskin Purse Vs AllYouMiss

7. Spike My Drink Vs Clopster

8. Noize! Vs Sunnyvale Noise Sub-element

9. Spike My Drink Vs Youthmovie Soundtrack Strategies

10. My Madonna Whore Vs DJ Juicy

11. P.V.C Vs The Beta Prophecy

12. The Time Of Our Lives By Smilex


Released 8th December 2005

'Rock 'N' Roll Russian Roulette/Rollerskater'

Split CD (with The Young Knives) - Hangingoutwiththecoolkids, Download Quickfix Recordings

1. The Young Knives-The Decision

2. The Young Knives-Sex 4 Sale (Smilex Cover)

3. Smilex-Rock 'N' Roll Russian Roulette

4. Smilex- Rollerskater (The Young Knives Cover)

Released 23rd October 2004

Distortion - Oxford Bands

Compilation CD- Akuaba Records

1. P.V.C

Released 6th August 2004

'Did You Get What You Paid For'

Mini CD 8cm Single - Quickfix Recordings

1. Pennies from A Pigskin Purse

2. Sex 4 Sale (Live @ Truck Festival 2003)

3. Beg For It (Toy Boy Remix)

4. Kidzklub 666

Released 12th December 2003

'Mystique/Sex 4 Sale'

CD E.P & Bandcamp download- Quickfix Recordings

1. Mystique

2. Sex 4 Sale

3. My Madonna Whore

4. Spike My Drink

5. Noize! remixed by Sunnyvale Noise Sub Element

Released 1st April 2003


‘Beg For It’

CD E.P & Bandcamp Download- Quickfix Recordings

1. Beg For It (Dominent)

2. She Won't Get Out Of Bed

3. P.V.C

4. Noize!

5. The Time Of Our Lives

6. Beg For It (Submissive)

7. Beg For It Cd ROM Video

Released 22nd March 2002